ECTACO Info: St. Petersburg (Russia) goes on electronic textbooks

The committee for education of St. Petersburg (Russia) adopted a decision to participate in the experiment on introduction of electronic textbooks in schools. Appropriate competitions have already been declared. While it is only about 6 - 7 classes of four secondary schools. Budget it can cost in the total amount of about 3.5 million rubles.

ECTACO JetBook Color

As have informed the correspondent of "" in the committee on education, in the nearest future it is planned to sign the agreement "on the experiment on the use of modern teaching materials and mobile technical equipment in the educational process". It comes to electronic textbooks. According to preliminary information, the experiment will cover 4 secondary school: № 64, №239, №248, № 531. It is expected that electronic novelties will enjoy while only the pupils of 6-7 classes.

Most likely, for the delivery of the first set from the budget of St.Petersburg will be spent about 3.5 million rubles. Appropriate competitions for three participants of experiment have already been declared. According to the official documentation, in Kirovsky district will be purchased 82 device, a Seaside - 76, the Central - 96. The average price of the gadget should not exceed 12.7 thousand rubles.

Note that, on the basis of the data of price monitoring conducted by experts from the committee for education, for the possible acquisition are treated as at least three of the device.

1. E-book Digma q1000 (the cheapest - 11 400 rubles) with a screen size of the 9.7-inch weighs 652 grams. Is equipped with a qwerty-keyboard, wireless Wi-Fi connection, the kit includes a memory card. Thus, the amount of information that it is possible to download the gadget, in fact is not limited.

2. ECTACO Jetbook Color K-12 (Gallery), participating in the state educational experiment, comes in school №239 of Saint-Petersburg. The cost of the device for schools of 12 thousand rubles.

3. The latter contender is the so-called "e-reader Chubais" - the creation of ZAO "Plastic Logic", which belongs to the state corporation "Rosnano". For 12 000 rubles you can buy a device with 4 gigabytes of internal memory, the screen of 2.0 inches and weighing 475 grams. However, it does not provide connections to wireless Internet and a USB connection. The developers believe that in this way it is intended only for educational purposes - children will not be able to download into your reader something outside of the Internet.

By the way, despite the officially declared price (that it will be already said the head "Rosnano", representing the invention of Vladimir Putin), schools of the Kemerovo area readers already cost is not in 12, and 20 (+60%) thousand rubles. However, suppliers stated that this amount includes not only a device, but also service support and training.

Now the introduction of novelties support two of the largest Russian publishing house - "Education" (the head of which is Alexander Kondakov, corresponding member of the Russian academy of education) and "DROFA". While manufacturers of electronic books free to about 40 PDF-files. It is assumed that subsequently these textbooks will be paid, but still cheaper than common: their value can be from 50 to 80 rubles. 

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