ECTACO Jetbook K12 Color

A few days ago we reported from the Book Expo America conference in New York where we spoke with Ectaco. They showed off their new K12 and K12 Color e-readers designed for the educational system. We have word today that the Ectaco K12 Color will hit the USA market for the back to school year in September 2011.

Both the Jetbook K12 and the K12 color were designed exclusively for the student market and are highly tailored towards kids in highschool. Both e-readers will have Speaking Oxford English Dictionaries, Speaking Oxford English-Spanish (or one of the soon available 38 languages) Dictionaries, the most comprehensive electronic SAT preparation course with endless lessons, Speed Reading courses to aid students in learning to read faster, English-Spanish (or one of 12 available language pairs) Text Translation System that can translate any text in full, English, Spanish and other language grammar courses, Interactive Phonetic Language Teacher program to teach virtually any language step by step, Linguistic crosswords, Graphing, Scientific and Accounting Calculators, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science reference books, interactive course of US History and Facts, interactive Periodic Table of Elements, Text and Voice Note storage, Audiobooks Player, and much more.

The most interesting of the two e-readers is the K12 Color; it is a re-branded Havon 9.7 inch e-reader. We first saw the Havon color e-ink reader using e-inks new Triton technology when were at CES. The color e-reader had great refresh rate and displayed comic books and ebooks very well. It featured a 9.7 inch screen and a resolution of 1600×1200. The unit is powered by a Freescale 800 MHZ cpu processor and uses WI-FI to connect to the internet. It also has a built in accelerometer to switch between landscape and portrait mode.

Ectaco confirmed with us today that the company is providing the firmware for the K12 Color in the European, American, and Russian markets. This ensures that that the device is moving in a direction that Ectaco is familiar with, while releasing a device supporting many different languages with a ton of custom firmware. Although Ectaco has released many different e-readers before, the K12 series moves the company into a modern direction with a device brimming with custom software.

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