ECTACO.CZ | iTRAVL NTL-14AS Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary

ECTACO.CZ | Suite English <-> Chinese for Android

Ectaco C-Pen: Scanner for Google Nexus 7

ECTACO Info | Google Nexus 7 e scanner ECTACO / C-Pen 3,5

Rok 2011: Prodej knih v USA spíše stagnoval, prodej e-knih výrazně stoupal

ECTACO.CZ | Bluetooth CPen with 6 Eastern European Language Dictionaries - Android AppsPackage

ECTACO.CZ | Talking Dictionary English <-> Thai for Android

ECTACO Info | Releases New Text Translation Software for Android with No Internet Connection Required

ECTACO.CZ | Deutsch <-> Spanisch Sprachcomputer Partner® DS900 Grand

ECTACO e-Livro: JetBook Color Deluxe

ECTACO.CZ | Anglais <-> Français dictionnaire EF900 Grand

ECTACO Info | Upgrade Instructions for JetBook Color

ECTACO Info | JetBook Color Receives a Significant Firmware Update Driven By Customer Feedback and Reviews

E-Czytnik JetBook Color