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Anobic Translators | Spanish<->English voice translator Anobic 5000

Anobic Translators - Anobic 5000 Spanish-English translator is a revolutionary, expandable pocket Text Translator & Dictionary! It translates full sentences from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Simply put, you can learn an entire language with the help of the Anobic 5000 or you can have it talk for you. Speech recognition and speech to speech translation modules will listen to your pronunciation of foreign words, phrases, and dialogues, giving you feedback along the way.   Voice activated phrases and a Full Text Translator will allow you to interact with people in your target language without having to learn it.  A full electronic text translator make the Anobic 5000 not only sophisticated but also extremely easy to use. This product is designed for learners, travelers and business people regardless of your proficiency.English speakers to learn Spanish or Spanish speakers to learn English. Off/online English<->Spanish Voice tran…

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