ECTACO Info | Ectaco, Inc.® Debuts NEW SpeechGuard® - Bringing Global Communication to the Forefront

press release ECTACO

Your Journey will be always most striking and memorable event in Your life! Travel help to discover what was hidden behind the monotony of everyday life, to expand their knowledge, to realize their dreams. But without modern communications and the Internet anywhere in the world, this trip can become a real torture.

Don't worry, our company presents you the latest model of the English<->Spanish electronic Communicator SpeechGuard TLX. According to leading experts in this device is all that is so necessary in the journey. Ruggedized smartphone SpeechGuard TLX and built-in voice translator may at any time be your best assistant. You can free to receive calls in more than 160 countries, translate it and texts, and can use many useful additional functions, which are so necessary in travel. All this is preloaded into SpeechGuard TLX, and you need not worry about additional programs.

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