LUXECTACO.COM | ECTACO English <-> Spanish SpeechGuard TLX: Rugged World Travel Smartphone, Voice Translator & Language Assistant

NEW Price: 499.95 usd
Your Journey will be always most striking and memorable event in Your life! Travel help to discover what was hidden behind the monotony of everyday life, to expand their knowledge, to realize their dreams. But without modern communications and the Internet anywhere in the world, this trip can become a real torture.

Don't worry, our company presents you the latest model of the English<->Spanish electronic Communicator SpeechGuard TLX. According to leading experts in this device is all that is so necessary in the journey. Ruggedized smartphone SpeechGuard TLX and built-in voice translator may at any time be your best assistant. You can free to receive calls in more than 160 countries, translate it and texts, and can use many useful additional functions, which are so necessary in travel. All this is preloaded into SpeechGuard TLX, and you need not worry about additional programs.

Basic parameters SpeechGuard TLX:

- SpeechGuard TLX: Waterproof, shock proof and dustproof.
- SpeechGuard TLX: Free incoming calls over 160 Countries.
- SpeechGuard TLX: Voice and foto translator.
- SpeechGuard TLX: Your travel guide.
- SpeechGuard TLX: 5 work days without charging.

Unique English<->Spanish smartphone SpeechGuard TLX that is fully protected from external natural impacts. Special protection of the shell smartphone withstands drops, shocks, immersion under water, and continues to work for 5 days.

Calls: SpeechGuard TLX receive free incoming calls in more than 160 countries worldwide. You don't need to spend money and absolutely does not matter where you are. The device has two slots SIM cards, so you can use as your SIM card and SpeechGuard SIM card too. Switching is performed at the touch of a button.

Languages and translation: Most travelers know about the situation when you do not understand the conversation. Your friend does not know any other language other than their mother tongue. And this is the most difficult problem to solve. In our device, we have done everything to help you. You click on, say you need and get a translation. We have created a set of popular tourist phrases that you can activate your voice. Our company started to use this device photo translator. You are photographing announcement, advertisement, poster and...get a translation text of the images in a few seconds.

Your travel guide: Section contains a huge amount of information, which will always be with you. Customer reviews, current weather, the design of the restaurant in Italy, the economic situation, photography geyser in Iceland... Information is practically unlimited.

Learn language: Multilevel program "Language Teacher" will allow you to learn some words and phrases. Will teach you the right to speak and give you the opportunity to check how you have succeeded in this endeavor.

SOS button: Pressing the SOS button, SpeechGuard automatically performs a series of actions that will find the person in a critical situation. Our device will send 5 messages to 5 phone numbers (the buyer shall enter these numbers in memory) of the emergency. These messages will contain GPS coordinates to quickly respond to the situation. After that SpeechGuard will call your primary contact number of an emergency.

It is difficult to list all the programs installed in your device:

  • Skype.
  • GPS navigation.
  • 2 Way Radio.
  • 11 sensors: Accelerometer, Pressure sensor, Temperature sensor ... and etc.
  • Voice activated audio phrasebook with 14,000 entries.
  • English Talking Electronic Dictionary.
  • jetBook eBook reader.
  • Talking Translation Dictionary.
  • Picture dictionary with 39 languages.
  • Universal translator - A 183 language word translator.
  • The Weather Channel.
  • Massive English Dictionary
  • Language learning Games
  • Audio Player
  • Access to tons of extra programs via the application store.
  • and more...


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