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The Ectaco Jetbook Color has been on the market for around a month now and its one of the best 9.7 inch e-ink e-readers on the market. Today Ectaco announced they were releasing a Deluxe version of the device with a C-Pen for $599.99

What exactly is a C-Pen? It is the same little gadget that was bundled with the Jetbook K12.
It plugs into the USB port of your e-reader and gives you the ability to scan text in textbooks or other tangible things and digitally transcibe it into your Jetbook Color. It is a unique little accessory that is more applicable to students who use it in the classroom. Lets face it, the digital classroom is a fairly new thing and most schools end up using a combination of electronic books and the hardcovers. The main benefit of the C-Pen is that instead of highlighting passages or noteworthy material inside the book you can scan it and put it in a dedicated file. You can then export this file into a text file and use it later.

The base model of the Jetbook Color costs around $499 and the new Deluxe model is $599. So you are basically paying an additional $100 for the C-Pen. Is it worth it? Well, we tested it extensively for around a week and found it actually works very well. It is certainly very niche and appeals mainly to students, which this device is geared towards anyways. I can see many people scanning their notes with the C-Pen instead of mucking up their school issued textbooks.


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