ECTACO.CZ | The March 1st jetBook Color Update

The time has come and we know you are all excited about it - here is a sneak peak at the March 1st update and what it entails.

Since all updates will be done through our server we will send a certain amount of e-mails out every day starting March 1st till March 7th. If you don't get the update on March 1st don't fret, we just don't want our server to pop out so no one gets the update.

Enjoy, and here are some of the cool new features:

New Localizations and Language Menus:


Other Features and Functions:

+ Workbook Scribbling and freehand writing on PDFs
+ Objects of art and Music notes moved to user accessible area
+ DJVU support in reader
+ CPen support
+ Reader: double click on the bottom of the page for next page
+ TTS (Text to Speech) function activated
+ Crossword ESC fix
+ Reflow mode in Reader
+ HW keys for Language Teacher mic (long press activates recording)
+ LEFE and Let’s Talk American books into Classwork and Homework section (Russian JBC only)
+ Other minor bug fixes

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