ECTACO Info | April 1st Update: jetBook Color

If you haven't received the April 1st update we'll be posting it on our site ( within the next 2 days.

Giving you a sneak peak, this month's update features:
· Graphical interface performance has been increased. Now it takes less time to run your commands.

· Page turning speed has been increased. Now you can flip through ebooks faster, because the program performs caching of preceding and subsequent pages relative to the page you are reading.

· Web browser has been implemented to display Web resources related to ebook reading using open networks. This has been limited as per school requests, but can be modified in future updates.

· New - 9 workbook templates for onscreen drawing: various chart papers and lined papers.

· You can use the text-to-speech engine to get the device to read a desired book aloud starting from the page you are viewing. It speaks the text clearly, with no stammer.

· Hardware keys are working on a fly now – with reduced response time.

· Speech recognition accuracy has been improved, so the ECTACO® jetBook® COLOR has become even more responsive.

· Several interface languages has been added including: Chinese, Czech, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese along the already implemented English, Japanese, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, and German.

· FlashCards have become more flexible: you can create your personal sets of entries copied from the Talking Dictionary section.

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