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In our modern business world, foreign language skills become more and more important. Trade and commerce has become international. Clothes from China, computer systems from Japan, coffee from South America...the list is endless. However, international business relationships can't work without communication.

Employers often require foreign language skills from their office workers nowadays. Which languages are most sought after depends on where in the world the company has business connections. In Germany, for example, it is almost impossible to get a decent office job without English skills. French and Spanish can also open doors to new jobs and exciting new positions.

In general, Asian languages will become more valuable as the influence of Asian countries continues to grow. China is on its way to become one of the major business nations, and Japan has always been one of the market leaders in the videogame sector.

Although many people working in international businesses speak English to a certain degree, not everyone does. Furthermore, it is a sign of respect to talk to new business contacts in their own native language, even if the language skills aren't enough for a fluent conversation yet.

If you want to get an interesting position in today's international economic world, foreign language skills might be your most valuable assets when applying for a new position, even more important than experience in that particular field. Start planning your career early enough, and take language courses if you have the possibility.


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