JetBook K-12: Basic description

JetBook K-12

The jetBook K-12 is full of tools and programs to easily assist both teachers and students in the classroom.

An eBook Reader & Organizer: Save tons of time and money with your own personal eBook Reader and organizer. Upload thousands of books, class notes and lesson plans. Instantly bookmark pages, mark items to summarize and even hear the book read to you through the built-in TTS (Text To Speech) engine. Reading is so much simpler on a jetBook, thanks to its variable font zoom and crisp 5" TFT screen. There is virtually no eye fatigue, unlike viewing notes on a computer screen. With support for over 12 formats you can find eBooks almost anywhere online, even create your own documents and load them instantly. The days of lugging a heavy backpack or briefcase around are over!

Interactive SAT Preparation Courses: The most interactive way to get help with the SAT?s right at your fingertips. We guarantee that with the jetBook K-12, SAT scores will be improved with just a few hours of use a week. These programs will help you retain the information you might need for the big day through complete practice tests, word tutoring programs, and math/problem solving. This interactive method gets students involved and interested in learning, this heightened excitement is correlated directly to better knowledge acquisition.
Speed Reading Courses: A specialized program that will get you reading faster in no time! These lessons will train your eyes and your peripheral vision so you can process more text at a time. Reading is the backbone of all learning, and the ability to read quickly and accurately is directly correlated with your ability to acquire and use information. So this course is a must for all students.

50 States Reading List: We tracked down the reading lists for all 50 states and added all the possible open source content to the jetBook. Authors like Charles Dickens, Henry Thoreau, Homer, Jack London, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare and more. Over 100 titles are pre-loaded with an additional 1000 books to read at your leisure.

Language Learning Programs: Learn a language fast and easy with over 15 unique programs. The Language Teacher© uses speech recognition and human voice pronunciation; it speaks and you try to repeat what was said. The program then rates your pronunciation and provides you with instant feedback. U-Learn© is the world?s first hands and eyes free teaching system, press play and you can start learning while doing almost anything. Specialized grammar guides are packed with info in English and your Foreign language. Talking Oxford® translation dictionaries and language teaching games add to the fun and ease of learning your new language.

Language Communication: Communicate with ESL students in a foreign language fast and easy. Speech to Speech and typing translations are all possible on the jetBook K-12! You can actually say something in one language and it will come out in the other, what?s best is that the voice output will be in a human voice so it?s easy to understand. Want to type it out? With the Text Translation you can type anything for an instant translation. It truly is the best and most accurate way to communicate with anyone, anytime.

Math Help, Guides, and Calculators: The jetBook K-12 has plenty of resources to help with the daunting task of learning and applying Math. In-depth references provide pages of useful information like rules, formulas and important equations. Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry are the 3 featured sections, plus you can SAVE TONS OF MONEY by never purchasing a calculator again since the jetBook K-12 comes with Graphing, Scientific, Accounting, and Loan calculators!

US History Review: Loaded with facts you need to know about any period in US history. Different topics will help you with different areas and periods of time. This section is fully accessible so you can press a button and have practice tests read directly to you.

Science Guides: Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics help is available right at your fingertips.

   Earth Science: A Massive 1,190 page book will teach you almost anything you need to know about Earth Science. Learn important terms, theories, principles and methods common to Earth Science. Completely interactive so you can jump to the page you need, search the entire text by words, and even bookmark important pages for later referral.

   Chemistry: A ton of info will guide you through almost any aspect of chemistry including areas like General, Inorganic, and Organic. Access hundreds of pages on the most needed information. One of the coolest features is the interactive periodic table, it allows you to scroll over any element and get all the information about it including name, order number, category, weight and more. Over 20 points of info are available for each element! Also Reference tables will give you info on frequently used terms, equations and formulas.

   Physics: These reference guides are packed with definitions, equations, laws and many other things you need to get an A+.
World Economics and Geography: This is one of the most comprehensive guides of all time. Select any country by its first letter and get loads of information on the area. You will find info like the countries background, demographic info, economic info, Government, climate, resources and tons more. Whether you are learning about an area in school or taking a trip this is the best portable reference guide you can find.

Extras: The jetBook K-12 is packed with many extra features that will help you get ahead in class and stay organized!
-Ebook options: All your favorites like font zoom, jump, text search, screen rotation, and bookmark
-1,000 books: To start you off on your journey to reading success we will give you a thousand books already on the device.
-Updates: Free lifetime firmware updates. Any new or revised versions are available as a free download
-Talking Oxford® Dictionary (English): Over a million entries, with full definitions and human speaking
-180 language dictionary: The largest amount of languages on any eReader. Translate to or from any of the included
languages -Audio Instructions: Many features on the jetBook K-12 will have an audio introduction explaining the program so you can get a heads up on it prior to use
-Irregular verbs: Great for learning and communication
-Idioms: Biggest list of idioms and the proper translation for them
-Games: Includes some linguistic games like Spell-it-right, Crossword, Vocabulary Builder and everyone?s favorite, Sudoku!
-Calculators: Graphing, Scientific, Accounting and Loan calculators will help in a variety of subjects
-Audio books & Music: Play your favorite audio books or songs right on your jetBook K-12
-Voice recorder: Record anything for reference later

Technical Information:

  • Format Support: The jetBook K-12 can support over 12 different formats including Adobe DRM . You can get books almost anywhere online including Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books and at your local library. You can even create your own files, folders, or texts, and load them to the jetBook as well. Read Books in Adobe DRM 9.1, ePub, Mobi, PRC, RTF, Txt, PDF, FB2, Gif, PNG, BMP
  • Expansion: Micro SD card support up to 32 GB
  • Screen: Crisp 5" TFT screen is Easy on the eyes. Read in almost any lighting condition
  • Battery: Up to 26 hours of continuous use
  • Microphone and Speaker: Integrated directly into the hardware for easy interaction and accessibility
  • Weight: Ultra Lite 7.75 ounces (cca 225 gr.)
  • Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 0.6" (101 x 151 x 15 mm.)
  • Tech Plan: Unlimited tech support by phone, email or online
Price: 399.95 usd.


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