ECTACO Ads: The Good E-Reader Buyers Guide for 2010

By Michael Kozlowski (

Welcome to the Good e-Reader 2010 Buyers guide for E-Readers! As you may or may not be aware E-Readers in the last year have really taken the world by storm and have embedded themselves into the public consciousness like never before. Although e-readers have been around for 3 or 4 years now, they have firmly entrenched themselves into popular culture, with commercials, magazine spreads and more.
What you may not know, is there is around 150 different e-readers being sold on the market today! You can buy them at big box stores, such as Target, Bestbuy, and Future Shop. Even Book stores have gotten into the game, and you can purchase them at Chapters/Indigo and Barnes and Noble.
With so many E-Readers on the market place, and so much choice, we have put together a viable list of what we feel are the best ones to invest in. We took into account such facets as; Customer Support, eBook Selection, User Experience, Firmware Updates, Page Turning, and extra features such as Games, Web Browser and more! Many of these e-readers we talk about can be easily found online, or at our new retail partner Shop E-Readers.

Top 3 Picks of 2010

  • The Amazon Kindle Graphite Edition
  • The Barnes and Noble Nook
  • The Kobo E-Reader
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