ЕСТАСО: Another country embarks on the road of global informatization of education.

After the beginning of the two projects on the introduction of the high school of new media education in the USA and the Ukraine, jointly with the company ЕСТАСО (JetBook K-12) , another country entered on this way. This Is South Korea.

South Korea announced this week that it plans to spend over $ 2 billion developing digital textbooks, replacing paper in all of its schools by 2015. Students would access paper-free learning materials from a cloud-based system, supplementing traditional content with multimedia on school-supplied tablets. The system would also enable homebound students to catch up on work remotely - they won't be practicing taekwondo on a virtual mat, but could participate in math or reading lessons while away from school, for example.

"We don't expect the shift to digital textbooks to be difficult as students today are very accustomed to the digital environment," a ministry official said.
Technology and the Internet has revolutionized education all across the globe. While South Korea is the first to declare a country-wide plan to shift to digital textbooks, it shouldn't come as surprise to see other countries follow suit seeing as digital content is slowly taking over traditional media.
The digital textbooks will contain the contents of ordinary textbooks and various reference resources such as multimedia and FAQs to help students understand the materials better. The government also wants to build a cloud computing system in all schools, so that users can access a database of all digital textbooks and choose what they want from their tablet PCs
It is not clear yet who will undertake the implementation of this project, but in some of the articles is a potential contractor is the company Samsung.

Source: The Chosunilbo

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