ECTACO Ads: Ectaco Jetbook – Is it a Good Kindle Alternative

The Ectaco Jetbook carries the distinction of being the smallest among the top selling e-book readers currently available. With a screen size of just 5 inches, the Ectaco Jetbook is indeed a smallish device that scores big on portability, though this is definitely at the cost of readability.
While the device may not have size to its advantage, Ectaco Jetbook makes that up with an array of features. For instance, it has an auto-rotating feature that enables one to rotate the text on the screen. So you can read your e-books either straight up or in landscape mode by just rotating the screen. For Ectaco Jetbook, contrast and readability are not among its strong points and these may not be as good as in similar models like the Amazon Kindle or the Sony Prs 505. However, its not that bad either as the device surely makes for a comfortable reading in most lighting conditions.

A big plus point in favor of the Ectaco Jetbook is its long battery life, something that can be attributed to its small size. It can be used continuously for about a week without requiring a recharge, which is no mean feat and is longer than what many other e-book readers will offer you. Boot up time for this cute little device is quick as well and faster than many e-book readers.
Another great thing with the Ectaco Jetbook is its user friendliness. Take for instance the case of page flipping, which can be accomplished in utmost ease with the help of three conveniently located page-turn buttons. And that’s not all, for flipping pages too is a lot more smooth than many of the leading e-book readers.
The Ectaco Jetbook come in a range of attractive color options and at a price that is no less attractive either. It is the only e-book reader that allows one to read books in foreign languages like Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Faeroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Croatian along with a whole host of other European languages. It allows you to store thousands of e-book within its miniscule dimensions along with picture and music files so that you have a device on your palm that can make for your complete entertainment as well as leisure reading wherever you go. It also has a sd card slot, which means memory can be increased almost indefinitely.
However, the one thing that makes the Ectaco Jetbook to stand out among the rest is it’s built in file manager that is one of the best in business. In fact, it’s even better than any comparable feature available in the Amazon Kindle or the Sony e-book reader and allows you to manage, delete and organize your e-book files most easily. Browsing though thousands of files on this little device is also a breeze. Like many e-book readers, the Ectaco Jetbook come with a built in MP3 player as well.
So there you have it – a small device loaded with some smart features. At less than 10 ounces, portability is perhaps one of its biggest USP. This along with an array of excellent features, the Ectaco Jetbook surely makes a strong case for itself. If only you can live with its small sized screen, that is. Though it definitely isn’t something that will require a lot of getting used to on your part.

Article Source: Good eReader


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