Questions and Answers: ECTACO SpeechGuard TLX

1. Can I speak into the translator and will it translate what I say?

>>> Yes, that’s what ECTACO SpeechGuard TLX is. Say any sentence and the ECTACO SpeechGuard TLX  will recognize your voice and translate it into the chosen language.

2.  Can I type the text?

>>> Yes. Just tap the text box and a touch keyboard will appear. Use it to type any text.

3.  Does the ECTACO SpeechGuard TLX need an Internet connection?

>>>  Yes, the voice translator needs WiFi or a GSM network. The in-built SIM card allows you to use the Translator without the need of WiFi.

4.  Does the SIM card require a contract?

>>> No, the in-built SIM card is a pre-paid card. All incoming calls are free.

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