| How to Buy Electronic Dictionary or Electronic communicator ECTACO.

Attempting to learn a new language? An electronic dictionary [or a translator] may be a very good investment if you're serious enough about it. This article will focus mainly on ECTACO electronic dictionaries (communicators).

1. Take a look at the language[s] that you're learning and set needs based on what you want out of a translator. Do you only want a dictionary, or do you want a keyboard that's in the language, or do you want something that's like a mini-computer?

2. Make sure that you're serious enough in learning the language. Electronic dictionaries / translators are not cheap and can cost as much as some laptop computers. Some prices range from $200 all the way up to $600, depending.

3. Order it or buy it in ECTACO store.

4. Bring your electronic dictionary/translator home, set it up, and enjoy. Use it in class when you need help or just use it to look up words in a conversation.


Translators that are over $200 usually also have capabilities like being able to play mp3 music files, and some even have Windows installed with WiFi! You could use this instead of getting another laptop.,,,,,