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Communicator ЕСТАСО SpeechGuard TLX.
Communicator ЕСТАСО SpeechGuard TLX.

We present to your attention an external description of the electronic linguistic Communicator ЕСТАСО SpeechGuard TLX.

This is the first electronic linguistic device and smartphone with two SIM-cards compliant with the IP67, but at the same time shortwave radio! This device is designed for travellers and also for the people staying away from home. It is also possible to use the police and military services. All in one - and don't need to wear a bunch of different devices.

Appearance потешит pride of any of the real man, because of its thickness up to 25 mm, and weight - 340 grams (12.35 oz). This is not the thin colored devices that are hard to find in her hand , that ЕСТАСО SpeechGuard TLX. All super reliable and super steady...

Plastic casing covered with special rubber inserts with ribbed notches, hold it in your hand is extremely comfortable, even if your hand is wet or frozen, do not be afraid to drop your device - resistant case will keep all safe. The screen of the device protects the coating of glass Gorilla Glass, which has a higher margin of safety.

All the buttons are closed rubber caps, sockets, plugs. Those on the case two: the lower closes connectors for headphones and a micro-USB, and the upper slot for antenna. And if the last blind stopper is made in the form of a «tube» with «tongue», the bottom has two tabs, which further improves the tightness.

To be continued...

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