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Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in portable language learning and translation technology, is proud to present a whole new set of the WORLD'S FIRST FREE SPEECH ECTACO Partner LUX electronic translators that are now available for the most popular European languages.

The new LUX models have been released for Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish with more language combinations to come every month.
You can now freely speak whatever you want in any of these languages, and be understood. An Android device powerful enough to translate what you want, where you want, any time you want. That's what over 22 years of research and development has led up to.
The ECTACO Partner LUX features the following:
  • Free Speech Translation
  • Compatibility with Android OS
  • Hi-Res Screen and Wi-Fi
  • Full Text Translator with voice output
  • Interactive Language Teacher system with speech recognition
  • Extensive Talking Dictionary and PhraseBook with human pronunciation
  • ECTACO® Market – get additional language combinations for your Partner LUX
  • Talking Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words
  • UT183 Cross Translator for 183 languages all built-in
  • And much more!
Check out the great new Partner LUX models listed below:
Regular PriceMember's price
ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> Russian $499.95
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ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> Polish$499.95
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ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> German$499.95
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ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> Italian$499.95
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ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> Czech$499.95
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ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> Portuguese$499.95
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ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> Spanish$499.95
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ECTACO Partner LUX English <-> French$499.95
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