ECTACO Info | Importance of Effective communication skills

By: Gita Kumari   
We can have brilliant ideas, but if we can't get them across, our ideas won't get us anywhere.
The above said line by a famous philosopher throws light on the importance of communication among the people. What do we understand by the word communication? Is it merely exchanging words with others or merely talking to others? Well it is beyond that. Have you ever thought why words spoken by some people or for that matter words spoken by famous people make difference in our lives and move our hearts and minds. Why do people get mesmerized by Bollywood mega star Amitabh Bachchan? It's not just his iconic personality which is admired or praised by his fans around the world. It is the way or fashion in which he delivers his dialogue that sets him apart. So here we agree that it's not just words that make difference but the Art of speaking or expression which puts weight to your words.
If asked what is communication skills, the common answer heard is speaking English fluently or with very less or no grammatical errors. Well, to an extent it's true but its horizon is far spread than just speaking good or fluent English. We often ignore or give very less importance to the non-verbal aspect of communication which consists of Body language, Facial expression, Listening skills, Gestures etc. Our mind just hovers around speaking English fluently and confidently.
Gone are the days when only good academic records or higher degrees used to be the token of success in life. Effective communication or presentation skills have become the need of time in today's changing arena where Communication skills are given equal or sometimes more importance than hard skills (job knowledge). Hard skills can be learnt but soft skills or presentation skills can just be practiced. We also call it people's skills. It plays major role in a person's success at work place and in life. Globalization has made it mandatory to have good command on Good presentation skills or communication skills and soft skills.
Good communication skills are not just restricted to our career but it is also a good way to maintain good relationship with others. Think about how you communicate. Sometimes the way you say something may mean the exact opposite of what you intend to say.
Often people have problem while communicating which comes from fear. Identify the reason of that fear so that you don't stuck. In a simpler sense of words, make a move. Take initiative today to improve your communication skills and make a difference.

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