ECTACO Info | Electronic textbooks - Russian school experiment: iPad out of the game.

Recall that in the educational institutions of the United States is now becoming more popular iPad. According to local analysts, in the schools of this country, he even begins to displace the PC. In the Russian experiment, the iPad is not included in the list of devices used. "More than a year ago, there were quite long and informative discussion of the mobile device to the project. iPad is not chosen in the first place, because there was no electronic educational resources that can be played on it. Most of those made using the technology of Adobe Flash, and the iPad does not support it ", - said Victor Tarmin.
Autumn 2011 Adobe announced the termination of the development of Flash-player for mobile devices. Company representatives then pointed out that all the popular mobile device supports HTML5. "The standard for HTML5 is still not officially confirmed, as far as I know. And it will only do a couple of years. A year ago we were in a situation with very tight deadlines. Develop new electronic educational resources for new technology opportunities at that time was not, "- said the representative of FIED.

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