Electronic textbooks in Russia.

How did the experiment in the high schools of Russia on the implementation of electronic textbooks in the 5-7 classes?

We remind you - in the testing was attended by 38 schools, 3470 students 6-7th graders and more than 500 teachers from nine regions. As the devices used for electronic books readers and tablet computers.

The results according to the Russian press - from enthusiastic praise to deep skepticism. But from my point of view - the results of the experiment are equal to zero. Why am I so critical - the introduction of electronic textbooks is irrelevant to the present level of teaching in Russian schools. And to improve teaching, according to teachers needs to be done (at least) the following - to purchase new school equipment, software and a knowledgeable staff. So can not do without the substantial financial costs.

Thus we see that e-books, is only a small part of the problems of Russian-medium schools and not the most important.

I think that sooner or later, electronic textbooks become mandatory attribute of each student, but ... 10-20 later.

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