ECTACO.CZ | Releases New Text Translation Software for Android with No Internet Connection Required

Ectaco,Inc., the world leader in language translation and learning technology, has just released brand new software for Android which allows text translation between English and Russian with no internet connection required.
Since 1990 Ectaco,Inc. has been tearing down the language barrier one word at a time starting with simple electronic dictionaries which have since evolved into portable voice recognition speech translators and interactive teaching systems. With the booming popularity of mobile technology it was only a matter of time before these linguistic programs were available on your smart phone and tablet. More on Ectaco Inc here
Recognizing a major drawback of smartphone and tablet apps (many require Wi-Fi or 3G to function) Ectaco has made it their goal to release applications which can function regardless of internet connectivity. This opens up opportunities in a whole new market as many people, mostly travelers, do not have any internet connection when they need it.
The 2-Way English and Russian Text Translation app for Android is a huge step for interlingual communication. A person can simply type in a sentence in either language and have it instantly translated for them. Translation accuracy is key, and with the most precise translation available to date one can easily and efficiently communicate in another language using this app. Users can also press a button and hear the translation in either language using Text-To-Speech synthesis. In the coming months, Ectaco will release more languages for this application. Ectaco is offering this app at
Countless agencies are using Ectaco technology including the United States Military, Department of Education, Department of Defense, Law Enforcement Agencies as well as thousands of Schools and Companies worldwide.
Our goal with this app was to make something solid and reliable, states David Lubinitsky, CEO, Ectaco,Inc. when asked about development priorities . You type anything and press a button to convert it to another language, it doesnt get much easier than that.

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