JetBook Color. New Firmware.

By Michael Kozlowski
jetbook color

Ectaco Inc has just released new firmware for the Jetbook Color e-Reader. This is a massive update that really allows for faster page turn speeds and a ton of new options for the e-ink refresh rate.

Page turning speed has been increased that should be a boon to anyone that was irate with very slow performance. Now you can flip through ebooks faster, because the program performs caching of preceding and subsequent pages relative to the page you are reading.

Three new Refresh Page modes have been implemented: you can choose to fully refresh the screen after page turn on every page, every 3rd page, or every 5th page. Use the every page refresh mode to avoid seeing any traces from recently viewed pages. The other modes allow you to reduce screen flashing.
There are also some minor updates like 9 new workbook templates for onscreen drawing: various chart papers and lined papers. You can use the text-to-speech engine to get the device to read a desired book aloud starting from the page you are viewing. It speaks the text clearly, with no stammer. Speech recognition has also undergone a significent revision. Finally theHardware keys are working on the fly now – with reduced response time.


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