ECTACO Info | Review: Bluetooth Handheld Scanner Ectaco/C-Pen 3.5

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Ectaco C-Pen 3.5 BT Bluetooth Handheld Scanner

I am an Information Systems Analyst and one of my tasks it to check on the assets we have regularly. This involves taking serial numbers of PCs laptops, monitors, etc. I was finding a way of making my inventory check simple. Since it involved having to look at a serial number, writing it down, crosschecking and then finally inputting it into an excel sheet. After searching for something that could make my life easier, I found the Ectaco Bluetooth C-Pen I just finished testing the device this morning and I must say I was very impressed. It comes highly recommended. It can scan data from any printed material even invoices. It can also scan Dell service tags pasted on the system unit. Serial number on the laptop adapter Computer names we print with the labeller and paste on the PCs. Phone serial number on the phone box/packaging. Because it can also be used wirelessly. It can also scan from a...

Review n2 :

Ectaco C-Pen 3.5 BT Bluetooth Handheld Scanner  

After seeing all the positive and negative reviews for the Ectaco C-pen 20, I decided to take the dive and buy the Bluetooth version of Ectaco's handheld text scanner for my wife. I was apprehensive because there are no reviews for this product, but figured we could return the scanner if it didn't work. My wife uses the scanner pen to scan text and notes from her law school classes. She stinks at typing, so being able to scan all the text she needs into her class outlines is a huge
timesaver for her. Caveats: we are on Vista as our operating system. Pros: Easy setup (make sure you follow the directions; do not plug in the scanner prior to loading the software). Scans accurately and quickly when plugged in via USB; see Cons for the story on Bluetooth mode. Picks up the following kinds of text without problems: highlighted texts, text in books (make sure the pages are flat, though), or underlined text (provided your underline doesn't go... ,

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