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The first crucialelement in beginning to learn a language is motivation.
Speaking a foreign language is not easy. It requires hard work. That is not to say that it is not fun. If done the right way learning a language is exceedingly enjoyable.

1. Write down the reasons why you are learning English.
Why are you learning English language and not another one. Write down as many reasons as you can. Maybe you get the good job. You want to read English books, websites, magazines, watch English TV, travel abroad.... Are you 100% sure that you are ready to invest the energy, finances and most significant the time that it takes to learn a English. If no, please take some time to think things through. It is often easier to change way in the beginning.

2. See it as hobby.
Enjoy it. Make it as enjoyable as possible. You can also use multilanguage translator on-line. Get enthusiasm for language. Do not limit yourself to textbooks. Immerse yourself into the world of that language, if you really want to study a English you need to talk, walk and breath in that language!

3. Study periodically.
Studying every day, or at least several times a week.

4. Be patient.
You will not study English in a few days. Make sure your expectation are realistic.

5. Learning with others.
Try to get friend on foreign countries   expose and plan a trip to English-speaking countries.

6. Reading in English.
Reading is tremendous. Of four skills reading is the most important factor of you studing strategy and you should aim to do it as much as possible.

7. Listening in a English.
Listening is similar to reading in that it can be done in the comfort of your own home without the help of another person. It's easy and can improve your overall language comprehension by beened to language structures and new vocabulary. It gives you the opportunity to access films, TV shows and song in English which can offer a whole new world for you to discovery.

8. Pay attention to articulation.
You can’t claim to have mastered a language until you are speaking in a fashion that is comprehensible by native speakers of that language. Put some addition time to learn how to pronounce all the letters and make sure you verify that your pronunciation is indeed correct. Remember, you should put some extra energy into articulation in the beginning of your journey. Once you’ve grasped how letters and words are pronounced it is fairly easy to guess how a new similarly structured word ought to be pronounced.

9. Grammar is essential.
There are dozens theories on how to best learn a language but they all include someway or another the acquiring the internal logic of that language, otherwise knows as its rules of grammar. Studying directly and wholly from a grammar book may not be the best style to accomplish results. Instead make sure you have a solid textbook + grammar book that is used as a way of reference and not as the primary literature.

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