ECTACO Info | KyivPost On The iTRAVL For UEFA 2012

We've had about 20 different sites post about the 1,500 UEFA Speech to Speech translators purchased by the Ministry of Internals Affairs of Ukraine, and here's the most recent one from KyivPost

Ukrainian policemen to receive 1,500 electronic translators for Euro 2012

US company ECTACO Inc. will supply to the Interior Ministry of Ukraine 1,500 talking multilingual language communicators and electronic translators for the upcoming finals of the Euro 2012 European Football Championship.

According to the company, Ukrainian policemen will receive a special model of the iTRAVL talking multilingual language communicators designed for security forces employees and similar to those used during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

It supports Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese and French. In addition, the device includes speech recognition, as well as built-in language learning program.

ECTACO said that the Ukrainian police tested the device in February 2011.


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