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English – Thai Dictionary. The largest and most expansive bi-directional dictionaries on Android phones! A book weighing 5 pounds won’t have as many words as this dictionary. No need for an Internet connection or 3G – the entire app comes pre-loaded with everything you need for studying, traveling, or anything on the go.

The Dictionary Contains: an extensive vocabulary, a choice of 7 display languages, advanced TTS (text-to-speech) for English, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and also Real Voice capabilities. It’s a user-friendly translation tool that includes up to 1,000,000+ words depending on the language.

Price: $19.95. Order here.


Ectaco English-Thai dictionary is an excellent talking dictionary application for Android. Ectaco makes talking dictionaries for all of the major languages with more being released constantly. They are widely known for their handheld talking dictionary devices and have decided to adopt their system into Android applications. This application features two way translation and pronunciation for both English and Thai.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with talking dictionaries, they are an application or device which allows a user to type in a word in their native language and see word in a foreign language as well as hear the correct pronunciation demonstrated audibly. Unfortunately, Ectaco does not make a universal talking dictionary for multiple languages because such an application would be extremely expensive. Instead they offer one application per language.

I purchased the English – Thai version because my fiancée is a native of Thailand and I wanted to be able to better understand her native tongue and communicate with her family. The interface was extremely easy to use. All I had to do was type in the word I wanted in English then the dictionary would display similar results in Thai along with the context in English.

In order to hear pronunciation in Thai I had to download a Thai audio dictionary package from Ectaco which was free with the purchase of the application. I was extremely pleased to find out after listening to the audio, that every word in the dictionary was spoken by a native Thai speaker and not by an automated voice.

Finally, you could also download an English dictionary to accompany the application for use by a Thai speaker looking to learn English. With the use of a Thai keyboard you are able to type in words to the talking dictionary and have an English definition with pronunciation in seconds.


I found the Ectaco talking dictionary to be extremely useful. However not for everyone, but I would recommend this application to anyone traveling to Thailand or other foreign countries, because not only is it extremely easy to use, but the results are accurate and the pronunciation of words in a foreign language are given by a native (human) speaker.

This allows for a much more accurate learning of native pronunciation that other alternatives than language learning books. It also allows you to easily find much needed words and phrases while visiting a foreign country.

Ease of Use:

I found Ectaco extremely easy to use. In fact when I first downloaded the application I was at first baffled by the lack of supercilious options. Instead the application featured a minimalistic interface that was extremely easy to use, and I never found myself wanting for other options.

Frequently Used:

I find myself perusing Ectaco on a daily basis looking for new words that will help me to communicate with my fiancée’s family better. If I was traveling in a foreign country I would likely be using this application on an almost hourly basis.


The interface for Ectaco is extremely easy to use and has a minimalistic style which prevents user confusion. The translation from Thai to English and back again is easy and will be simple for all users.

My only gripes here are that there is no section for commonly used phrases. Instead you have to search for definitions in order to uncover these important gems. The application also doesn’t force you to download the Thai dictionary at first launch yet it is required for English to Thai translation. This could be a little confusing at first for some users.


Should you Download English – Thai Dictionary? Yes, but only if you are looking for a translation program that you will have use of often. Ectaco talking dictionary applications are very easy to use and feature native speakers of the language which provides the optimal learning experience. However, the application is expensive and has a small learning curve so avoid downloading this application for a novelty; instead buy it as a daily handbook!

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