Smart Voice Translator Anobic

Real-time 2-way Translator: Just press the “A” button and start talking, then release the button it will automatically translate your speech into “B” language. On the contrary, press “B” button, it will translate your speech into “A” language. The replay function with adjustable sound volume makes it more convenient and easy to understand. Super Fast Translation: Takes only 0.8s to complete accurate translation. Text and speech are presented simultaneously so that you can correct the error in time in case there is a mistake. Ultra-high Translating Accuracy: Integrated language recognition system, realize the translation accuracy up to 97% even under the influence of speaking environment, speaker’s age and accent. Simple Operation: 2.4 inches 3D curved touchscreen with a clear display and fast response. Get into work immediately when powered on and network connected. Multiple Applicable Network: Supports network connection via WIFI, personal hot-spot, SIM card (not included). Long Standby Time: Equipped with 1300 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, sustainable for continuous 9 hours working. Wide Application: Supports more than 40 kinds of languages. Let your worries of communicating with foreigners vanish without a trace. Widely used in traveling, shopping, friends-making, business cooperation, learning foreign languages and other scenes.