The ScanMarker Pen Scanner ...

Reading a textbook is an arduous, boring business. There’s a ton of superfluous information that no one wants to read, but must trudge through to get the few precious sentences you’re actually going to use. Of course, you could skim over everything and highlight what you find to be the most pertinent pieces of data, but you would still have to go back through the book to find what you ...

If you’d prefer to move to a digital format and only want to see what you’ve highlighted, then the ScanMarker might be just the study tool you need. This is just what the name suggests, as it feels similar to a pen in your hand, but as you move over sentences on the page it will scan them and type them onto your computer. It can retype text 30 times faster than manual typing, and your computer will read out loud what you’ve scanned so you don’t even have to look up. For those that have to read information in another language, this scanner is also capable of translating up to 30 different languages. ...\

Ruční skener ScanMarker Air  (Ruční skener Scanmarker Air je plně vybavený textový bezdrátový skener, pro rozpoznávání textu, který vypadá jako pero)
Scanmarker (Scanmarker je plně vybavený tužkový skenr pro rozpoznávání textu. )
Ekotester Soeks (Ekotester „Soeks“ je multifunkční přístroj pro rychlou analýzu obsahu dusičnanů v čerstvé zelenině a ovoci)