ECTACO.CZ | Partner LUX 2 Multi 14 language for Russian speakers.

Partner LUX 2 Multi 14 language Free Speech Electronic Translator for Russian speakers.

Language pair:

Russian <-> Armenian, Armenian <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Chinese, Chinese <-> Russian;
Russian <-> English, English <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Estonian, Estonian <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Finnish, Finnish <-> Russian;
Russian <-> French, French <-> Russian;
Russian <-> German, German <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Hebrew, Hebrew <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Italian, Italian <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Polish, Polish <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Portuguese, Portuguese <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Spanish, Spanish <-> Russian;
Russian <-> Turkish, Turkish <-> Russian.

What are you getting?
• Voice Translator. Just speak into the Partner LUX2 and have it translate whatever you say in seconds.
• Photo Translator. Quickly snap a pic of any text you see and have it translated instantly, no internet connection required. Need more? Get the Ectaco C-Pen hand held scanner and translate texts from books, newspapers, menus, etc.
• Text Translation. Type in any text you want and have it translated right away. Have it pronounced for you with just the push of a button.
• Connect the LUX2 to your TV through an HDMI port and watch your favorite videos online.
• Type any word and see its translation in the language you need or get an explanation in the Russian explanatory dictionary.
• Use over 40 language learning programs.
• Memorize a new Word-Of-the-Day every time you turn on the LUX2.
• Play Linguistic Crosswords and learn words while playing.
• Connect with friends over Facebook and other Social Media.


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