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On the rear side of the device there is a camera lens, lattice dynamics and compartment for batteries , which have a cap, притянутой to the body using six. Откручиваютя and twist the screws with a screwdriver, which is included in the kit with your device. Handy screwdriver with a rubberized grip. Under a very powerful battery (3800 mAh) are a slot for memory cards and two slots for SIM cards.

SpeechGuard TLX functions running Android 4.0 - not the newest, but enough comfortable, and most importantly, well-proven version. No branded shells, and other luxuries no, thanks to which the interface is familiar and running quickly. The phone has FM-receiver, allowing you to listen to radio broadcasts in the road or on a halt, if you are in the area where they may take.

One of the interesting особенностьей SpeechGuard TLX is the presence of ультракоротковолнового radio transmitter civil range 400-470 MHz. For normal operation of the transmitter our Communicator is equipped with additional external whip antenna screw the connector under the cover in the upper body. With an attached antenna, SpeechGuard TLX starts starts to be very similar to the «walkie-talkie», or pocket radio.

Built-in red laser and special button «SOS» is another couple of additional functions of our device. SOS can be fully programmed - you can send up to three SMS to the specified numbers containing the current coordinates of the GPS and make a phone call. What is the meaning of the use of laser in this device has remained a riddle for me. Although you can find some use for them.
Standard IP67, the compliance of which is written in the passport of the device ensures complete protection from dust, but I think that this is decreased for this device. At the bottom of the puddles he works too. Not all functions (under the layer of water touch screen does not respond to touch), but the buttons of the camera, use it. Picture and sound is also remained in place. Pulling it out of the water, and enjoyed the touch-screenshots: running.

Operating time without recharging pleased: view the video lasted about six and a half hours! Reading books is possible, but not very convenient. But this in my opinion. Use SpeechGuard TLX as a musical player may take a very long time - I have never measured it, but некторым data can play almost 100 hours!

As a result, SpeechGuard TLX caused us a more positive emotions, despite minor shortcomings. The ratio of contradictory properties allows: to provide the owner of a stable relationship for a long time without recharging, when the fast work of the user interface. Easy camera, managed by a separate button will allow you to quickly capture a shot. While the existence of such kind of weird functions as a radio station and a laser makes it altogether surprising device on the market today.


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