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Attention, please - it's just a joke and nothing more.  Please do not experiment.

How can I use Coca-Cola in the home:

1. If you burned a pot, then pouring Coke into it and bring to a boil, we can achieve the initial state of the pan.

2. Very easy to make any photo aged. To do this, just need to lightly wet the picture of Coca-Cola and quickly wipe away. But in any case, do not make the picture too wet, otherwise it will go bad.

3. If you dyed your hair and they turned out too saturated color, the cola will help you to make them a little lighter.

4. If the old coins soak in Kole, it will make them more shiny.

5. Pour Coca-Cola into your kettle and leave it there for the whole day. It will remove all the scum and the kettle will be in like new.

6. If you pour Coke into the toilet, it will make it much clearer.

7. Try to make an excellent sauce by mixing Coke and sauce in a ratio of 1:1. Now spread this chicken, meat, etc. prior to cooking. It turns out very tasty!

8. Coca-Cola - a good conditioner for hair. Pour it on your hair, rinse it and dry it.

9. Pour Coke in the flat, wide dishes and place them in your garden. This will help you get rid of slugs. They are attracted by the sweet smell of the drink, and if they fall into this hulk, then get out they can not.

10. If you can not unscrew the bolt from the fact that he is rusty, then try this: Take a rag. Dip it in Coca-Cola and wrap around the bolt. Leave it all for a few hours. After that, it will be much easier to loosen this bolt.

11. Clean your jewelry. Just place them in a glass of Coke, and then walk on it lightly with a brush. Just do not do it, if your jewelry has any stones. For them, it's very bad!

12. It may seem strange, but Cole helps with indigestion. But for these purposes does not have to just open the bottle as the gas can only aggravate the condition.

13. Completely immersing communicator ECTACO - "Speechguard" in a Coca-Cola you get an amazing result. The device will continue to work without problems.

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