ECTACO Info | Child’s Second Language: Advantage, Distraction?

By Mona A. Moneim
Freelance Writer- Egypt

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...What Are the Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language Anyway?...

Well, if your child is being properly exposed to the target language they are learning, there are many benefits that may come out of that.
According to Marcos and François Thibauta pioneer in foreign languages for babies and children and author of Professor Toto, an award-winning home-based foreign-language curriculum for parents and children, some benefits are that children learning a second language do better on standardized tests, become better problem solvers and are more welcoming to diversity.
In addition, infants who are simultaneous language learners enjoy cognitive benefits such as having greater neural activity and denser brain tissue in the areas responsible for memory attention and language. (Bialystok 2001, Mechelli et al., 2004, Kovelman, Baker, and Petitto, 2006).

If you want your child to master one or two foreign languages, you should regularly expose them to the language as early as possible.

Learning a second language should come as naturally as learning their mother tongue. Even if you missed the opportunity of teaching your child a language before they are ten years old, not to worry; learning a second language is always a plus point at any age.

And always remember that your child may not be able to make it alone; your constant support is crucial to their dual language development and their ability to speak both languages like a pro!