6 main reasons: Why do you need an electronic translator.

ECTACO.CZ for you:

.• In unlike computer and laptop, pocket translator can be used always and everywhere. Since pocket translators are very compact and portable (even if to compare with a good paper dictionary, a large volume), you can take them with you anywhere you go: in the school, the University, at work, in загранпоездкуYes, and homes for prompt translation is easier to use the translator, than start your computer.

• Pocket translator consumes very little energy. If the charge laptop or PDA (handheld computer) is enough only for a few hours, pocket translator does not require charging - batteries, from which he works, is enough for 3-6 months. Standard batteries for him to buy, anywhere - in any settlement of any country of the world, where there is a little bit of a decent shop.

• It is more easier to use and more convenient for the translation, which is its main function than the PDA, for which the dictionary only one of the applications. Yes and the text on it gain will be more convenient than on the PDA.

• It is not only carries out the translation of the words and shows the entries, and can but the voice of words and phrases, and also has a phrase for communication in the загранпоездках.

• It is much cheaper than a laptop or PDA.

• Pocket translator can be a great gift to any person (from schoolchildren to pensioners), which at least some sideways dealing with foreign languages.

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