ECTACO Info: jetBook Color's E Ink Triton Display is the Innovation of the Year

The screen used in our newest ECTACO jetBook Color has been acknowledged by the Wall Street Journal with the 2011 Innovation Award.

While working on the jetBook Color development team, we were sure that the potential of this revolutionary device was going to be immense. Now, our belief has been proven by the Wall Street Journal. The E Ink Triton display in the ECTACO jetBook Color that uses the first and only color e-ink technology in the world has been presented with the 2011 Innovation Award.

"Our E Ink Triton displays will enable the use of electrophoretic displays for publishing applications that require color charts, graphics and images such as textbooks and magazines," said Sriram Peruvemba, Chief Marketing Officer at E Ink. "Recognition for this innovation from the Wall Street Journal is a testament to our Company's efforts to bring electronic paper solutions to the market that close the gap between paper and electronic displays."

We are glad to have the same vision on the product as our partners at E Ink Holdings. ECTACO is already using the display for educational projects in a few countries. For the market in general, and consumers in particular this is a very exciting time for revolutionizing the way we view electronic media and we are happy to be a successful part of this process.

Follow the link to read the official press release.


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