ECTACO Inc. and C -Technologies Bring a New Generation of Translating Devices to the Market

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y., and LUND, Sweden, April 16 /PRNewswire/ --
Another state-of-the-art addition to the award winning ECTACO iTRAVL series
has just been released by collaborating ECTACO (USA) and C -Technologies
(Sweden) that will change the way we translate texts forever! This joint
operation has led to the development of an ultimate translating package
that consists of the ECTACO iTRAVL multilingual hand-held -- a Windows CE
operated device, and the C-Pen scanner that can scan and translate any
written text you feed into it!

The NTL iTRAVL/C-Pen Deluxe edition is the first of its kind. Anyone,
anywhere, and anytime can scan any text they find with the portable
pen-like device and upload it instantly onto their iTRAVL for a full
translation. Requested by students and government agencies alike, it is now
easy to get full text translations into virtually any language. Just slide
the C-Pen over any text and it will instantly appear on your iTRAVL for
translation through the built-in Machine Translation system or smart
dictionary module.

ECTACO, Inc. CEO David Lubinitsky recently announced that, "It is a new
step in foreign language learning and translation. Aside of our Smart
Keyboard and Multilingual Speech Recognition technology for data entry,
customers have received a possibility to scan and translate words,
sentences, paragraphs and entire texts in the luxury of a University
library or on a business trip. It brings the combination of these two
products to new heights."

Peter Johansson, CEO of C -Technologies said, "The value of using C-Pen
in the context of translation has been proven before and we are confident
about the convenience the C-Pen will bring to users of the iTRAVL."

A new step in the world of mobile translation technology, the new
iTRAVL/C-Pen Deluxe Edition will help dramatically to intensify mobile data
collection and translation of foreign documents by various U.S. agencies
including the U.S. Army and law enforcement.

To find out more about the new NTL iTRAVL/C-Pen Deluxe Edition and the
unlimited language learning opportunities visit

Contact +420-777-333779


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