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Ectaco has recently launched a unique series of tablets with a built-in keyboard and a language translator. Ectaco Partner Lux tab has a 5 inch touch screen with the resolution of 800X480 pixels and features a stylus. The internal memory is of 2GB which can be expanded up to 32 GB through a MicroSD card. The battery life is quite sound, lasting nearly 10 hours, as the device is equipped with 3350 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery.
Ectaco Partner Lux
Ectaco Partner Lux
The prominent feature of this device is the built-in keyboard which is a complete QWERTY edition and surely makes typing as easy as never experienced before. The tablets on the market offer a docking port to connect an external keyboard to the tablet. But this device gives a brilliant feature of a moveable built-in keyboard which can be folded into the tablet or can be overlapped with the screen. Anyone who wants to use the touch screen can freely fold the keyboard and unfold it whenever necessary.

The tablet is very portable, having travel friendly measurements of 5.2X3.9X0.9 inches. It is aluminum based with slight design enhancements, which gives it an edge over all the other tablets in the market. The 2.5mm headphone adapter, however, is a disappointment as opposed to the 3.1mm widely used version.
The device runs on Google Android 2.3.2 which honestly seems an ancient version at this point. However, the Partner Lux features the promising Ectaco Education and Translator Software. There are different models available in different languages so you can pick up the model which fits your needs.

Another excellent feature of the device is the voice translating feature. For instance, if you speak in English, the voice converter will translate it to, say, French. If you write in English, the device will enunciate the words in French. You can also use the audio dictionary to hear words and definitions.
There are a lot of excellent educational and translation apps preloaded on the device. The Language Teacher, the Phrase Book and many others are going to relieve some of your needs, especially in language learning.

The learning experience is not as smooth as one wants. The 5 inch size is way too small for dedicated reading and the TFT screen is not as impressive as the other readers boast. The PDF documents also need to be pinched-and-zoomed harder on the rezistive touch screen, requiring lots of patience.

However, with its external and internal cons, one might defend it by saying it was designed primarily as a translator and not as a mind-blowing tablet. The reading features are quite disappointing, but there are two front facing speakers and a microphone to fill in for the language learning needs.

For the users, this device simply costs too much than most ebook readers in the market. The only case when this device is necessary, is when you want to learn a new language or for the elderly. In these situations, the easy-to-use tablet priced at $499.99 is worth its cost, as it comes with the world’s best translator and brilliant learning apps by Ectaco.

Written by Georgiana Apetroaei on February 15, 2013
 eBook Reader: Ectaco LuX,,,

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